Movement adds interest to the painting by using principles and elements of art to show action and move the viewer's eyes throughout the painting.
     In the Louisa Villea, movement is best shown by the action of the abstract shapes that go from the lower right, blending with Louisa's gown, and swirling toward the center of the painting.
     When you look at the cherub your eyes are redirected to where the cherub is looking.  Also, the cherub's open palm dropping gold flakes moves your eyes toward the center.
     The rays of light moving through the clouds shine on the cherub while he drops the gold flakes of good fortune upon the head of Louisa.  This movement, along with the abstract shapes moving up from the bottom of the painting, meet at the center of the composition.  The subject of the artwork, Louisa Villea, is strongly emphasized by the use of this visual movement.

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