Different elements and principles of art are used to direct the viewer's eyes to the important parts of a painting.  This is called emphasizing (placing emphasis on) the main parts of the composition.
    Louisa, the main subject of the Louisa Villea, sits in the center of the oil painting.  Several techniques and strategies are used to draw attention to Louisa...and more importantly, to her face.
     Both the cherub and the male cardinal are looking at Louisa, thus redirecting the viewer's eyes toward her.  The swirling lines and shapes around Louisa draw the viewer's eyes toward the center of the painting.
     The cherub places special emphasis on her by dropping gold flakes of good fortune upon her.
     The positioning of Louisa's arms sweep the viewer's eyes up to her face.
     The contrast in colors, shapes, textures, and techniques around Louisa's face is effective in emphasizing the composition's main subject.