Variety refers to the "differences" that are in the composition.  The artist creates variety by using various shapes, colors, textures, etc. in the artwork.
     In the Louisa Villea, various techniques and styles are used to add interest.  Louisa's portrait is done in Renaissance Realism.  Her gown is done in American Realism.  The Louisville skyline is rendered in the style of the Impressionists.  Surrealism is used in the hidden images such as those in the treeline.  Symbolism is represented throughout the artwork while Abstract Expressionism is used to tie the whole composition together.  By placing Louisa in a dream-like setting and introducing various untypical features and effects, visual interest in maintained.
     A full spectrum of colors and a variety of shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles, and ovals add interest to the Louisa Villea.