Actual texture is the way something feels when actually touched (smooth, rough, etc.).
Implied texture is the way an artist uses line, color, and other elements and principles to create the visual illusion that something may be smooth, rough, etc.
     Louisa's skin sppears smooth and life-like.  After color was applied to the canvas, a large soft-hair brush was used to lightly soften and blend.  By carefully blending colors, Louisa seems to have life-like texture to her skin.
     Notice the implied texture of the other objects in the painting.  The cherub has similar soft skin.  The clouds and sky seem to be light and soft.  The fabric of Louisa's gown and the feathers on the birds seem to be not quite as soft and smooth.  The stark appearance of the bench and the buildings makes one feel as if they would be rough to the touch.
     On the original five-foot by six-foot oil painting, actual texture can be seen.  To achieve the desired effect for the abstract areas, the oil paint was applied in a very thick manner.